Aug-Dec 2015: Jenn wins University of Utah staff excellence and then returns to school full-time to get her BS. We miss her!


May, 2015: Alex and Jenn's paper on role of satellite cells in muscle homeostasis published in Nature Communications!

April, 2015: Gab joins CHERUBS to lobby Congress for funding for CDH research.


April, 2015: Tom McFadden raps about our diaphragm research. Science X Rhymes Diaphragms!.

April, 2015: Our research on development of the diaphragm and congenital diaphragmatic hernias (CDH) is covered by Carl Zimmer in the New York Times. Thanks to Shannon May for a fun illustration of diaphragm evolution!


March, 2015: Here are multiple new podcasts produced at the University of Utah on CDH:

Our new research findings on CDH explained in Interview with Gabrielle

What parents need to know after receiving a CDH diagnosis, explained by University of Utah pediatric surgeon Stephen J. Fenton

Josh Hensley, parent of two CDH babies, explains sources of support for CDH parents. Cherubs is a national CDH support group.

March, 2015: Allyson, Zac, and Jenn's paper on development of the diaphragm and CDH published in Nature Genetics.

March, 2015: Allyson wins (with Dan Bricker) the Prahl Award for the outstanding PhD graduate in the Health Sciences at the University of Utah!

February, 2015: Allyson heads to postdoc with Ben Stanger at U Penn! We miss her calm presence in lab. Who will now be the main contributor to the quote board?

September, 2014: Malea, Alex, and Jenn's paper on satellite cells and beta-catenin published in Stem Cell Reports.

April 14, 2014: Allyson Merrell defends her thesis! Thanks to Mary and Alex for spectacular diaphragm desserts!


October, 2013: Mary Colasanto is awarded a trainee position on the Developmental Biology Training Grant.

August, 2013: Kelsey Lewis heads to grad school at the University of Florida to work with Marty Cohn. We miss her infectious enthusiasm for science!

June, 2013: Alex Keefe is awarded a trainee position on the Hematology Training Grant.

June, 2013: Sam Mathew is named a prestigous Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellow. As a fellow, he will return for several months over the next four years to continue his research on myosins.

May, 2013: Our review of diaphragm development is published in FEBS Journal.

October 8, 2012: Malea Murphy successfully defends her thesis and is the first student to graduate with a PhD from the Kardon lab. She leaves for a postdoc in Sean Morrison's lab at UT Southwestern. We miss her booming her laughter and her bottles of Tris with mold. Make sure to wear gloves Malea!


September, 2012: Postdoc Sam Mathew departs to start his new lab at the Regional Center for Biotechnology in Delhi, India. Congrats!

September, 2012: Yong (our collaborator in Chuck Hansen's group at The Scientific and Computing Institute, University of Utah) and Kelsey's paper on making of digital anatomical atlases is published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Application's Special Issue - Biomedical Applications: From Data Capture to Modeling.

June 4, 2012: Our confocal image of a developing limb is image of the week at Cell.

May, 2012: Our beautiful confocal image and model of a developing limb is a FASEB BioArt 2012 winner.