Musculoskeletal System: Stem Cells | Development | Regeneration | Disease | Evolution

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Lab of Gabrielle Kardon
Department of Human Genetics
University of Utah


The musculoskeletal system is complex - composed of muscle, muscle conective tissue, tendons, and bone- and essential for structural support, locomotion, and respiration. The broad aim of our lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms and cell-cell interactions regulating musculoskeletal development, regeneration, disease, and evolution. We focus on

Muscle stem cells: The source of all muscle during development, growth, and regeneration.
With aging and disease, defects in stem cell number and function impair muscle repair and maintenance.

Muscle connective tissue: Critical for muscle form and function, and an important component of the stem cell niche.
Overproduction of connective tissue (fibrosis) during injury, aging and disease significantly impairs muscle function.