Musculoskeletal System: Stem Cells | Development | Regeneration | Disease | Evolution

SatelliteCell E14.5Limb

Lab of Gabrielle Kardon
Department of Human Genetics
University of Utah


The musculoskeletal system is complex - composed of muscle, muscle conective tissue, tendons, and bone- and essential for structural support, locomotion, and respiration. The broad aim of our lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms and cell-cell interactions regulating musculoskeletal development, regeneration, disease, and evolution. We focus on

Muscle stem cells: The source of all muscle during development, growth, and regeneration.
In birth defects, disease, and aging, defects in stem cell number and function impair muscle development, repair and maintenance.

Muscle connective tissue: Critical for muscle form and function, and an important component of the stem cell niche.
Connective tissue orchestrates development of limb muscles and the diaphragm.
Overproduction of connective tissue (fibrosis) during injury, aging and disease significantly impairs muscle function.